Transparent + Ethical

The Good Apparel is a curation of fashion items from brands you can trust to treat their people well.

We want to take a stand against the sadly usual opacity in the fashion world, by going all the opposite way. That's why require all our listed brands to disclose their factories' locations as well as photos of them. You now don't just take brands' words for it — you can judge by yourself. Because really, can fashion be fun if somebody else suffered creating it?

What We Stand For.


We value efforts and believe there's always room for improvements, which we are happy to celebrate. No greenwashing, no cutting corners.

No virgin plastic

Most of our brands will ship orders entirely plastic-free. Those who don't will use recycled plastic - this will be specified on the product page.

No pity purchase

We want to help you find pieces that make you feel great about wearing them - because of their story, but also simply because they look incredibly good on you!

The Team

Morgane Beernaert Founder

Maxime HardyTech Advisor

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